MenuBusters® / World Wide Inter Face
A Consumer Orientated GUI

For Java, Windows, and Smart Devices (PDA's, Phones, Set Top Boxes, etc).

MenuBusters® is a multi platform GUI development system.  It has four features:

1) Rapid development (and easy upgrading) of User Interfaces.
2) Useful when a complex system has to be operated with a minimum of training.
3) Intuitive Interface for all Consumer electronics / Information appliances.
4) Built in MenuIndex - the user has two independant methods of finding commands!

Download options.

  • Windows 95 (73Kb zip file) version 96.1 March 1996.
  • Windows 3.1 (73Kb zip file) version 96.1 March 1996.

  • Java Bean (75Kb zip file) version 98.1 13 January 1998. This zip file includes the following eight files.  Take a look at MbJava.htm to view a Readme / Tutorial before downloading.

  • For non zip platforms download the eight files individually:
      MbJava.htm (Readme / Tutorial  file 26Kb - save this file when it is opened)
        License.txt (600 bytes - save this file when it is opened)
        MbRun.bat (500 bytes)
        UNJAR.BAT (100 bytes)
        WwifMenuBusters.jar (63 Kb) (Manifest file 850 bytes)
        WwifExample.jar (6Kb) (Manifest file 100 bytes)

    Any other platforms?

    I am a Java Developer, what can it do for me?

    You (or we) can quickly produce a superior GUI. We have so much fun producing GUI's that we will develop a prototype to your specs for free (usually within 2 days).

    I am a Windows System Integrator, what can it do for me?

    Greatly simplifies popular Desktop applications for both Novices and Experts, i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Even the CEO will be printing his own monthly reports!
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    MenuBusters and WWIF are registered trademarks of David Nathan Creations Ltd. Windows, Word, and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc.